1. Sylvester

    What happened to Blair?

    So was there supposed to be more to what happened to Blair when he was taken prisoner? Was he supposed to come back to the Midway brainwashed or something to that effect where he would then betray Confed at the appropriate time (kinda like the ear worms in ST II)?
  2. Sylvester

    Christopher Blair Preps for Wing Leader Appearance (June 22, 2021)

    Man that render looks awesome! Can't wait to see it. Just a canon note - Blair was actually still a Lieutenant Colonel at this time - the Box Art from WC2 which shows his trial (never shown in-game) has him wearing silver oak leafs:
  3. Sylvester

    WC Uprez Unity3d Doodle! (Heavy GIF Use, Mobile Users Beware!)

    So @Howard Day is this supposed to be an assignment Angel gets instead of transferring to the Austin to be her squadron commander (as referenced in SM2)? I really love everything about this and the Tolmacs design is excellent.
  4. Sylvester

    Are there other "space carrier" novels out there with not too much "weird" elements but instead grounded military sci-fi?

    Absolutely absolutely recommend Glynn Stewart. The Castle Federation series is awesome, and has some obvious nods to Wing Commander in it. His other series (Duchy of Terra, Peacekeepers of Sol, Exiles) are excellent as well.
  5. Sylvester

    Wcdx - Kilrathi Saga for modern Windows

    Random question - is Goliath still working on the Sprite Upgrade project?
  6. Sylvester

    Meet the WC2 Characters... as of 1990! (April 15, 2020)

    Reading the script - man there are some cool ideas in there. I actually really like the idea of the first mission of the game being a mission off the Tiger's Claw in a WC1 Rapier (maybe it could be the WC2 Rapier as another prototype like the Rapiers in WC1 originally were). That seems like a...
  7. Sylvester

    The return of MicroProse!

    Good points - Microprose made the first games I played - I guess I have an unreasonable amount of nostalgia when it comes to them.
  8. Sylvester

    The return of MicroProse!

    My understanding was that Bill Stealey, who co-founded the original iteration with Sid Meier, returned to get this company up and running. Is that not a good sign?
  9. Sylvester

    The return of MicroProse!

    Fellow Wingnuts, I know we were all saddened all those years ago when Origin left us. But I recently discovered some good news - one of the other giants of 80s/90s Software development seems to be back - MicroProse - who was founded by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey and who developed amongst other...
  10. Sylvester

    How do the damage models differ

    I always thought WC2 did Capship attacks best - really capturing the "WW2 in space" feel I think they were going for. In WC1, I never worried about capships unless they were going to jump out - just clean up the fighters and then I can pull back, recharge my shields and afterburn in on gun runs...
  11. Sylvester

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    Oh my goodness that's gorgeous. I wish I could hop in a game and fly that right now.
  12. Sylvester

    WC Uprez Unity3d Doodle! (Heavy GIF Use, Mobile Users Beware!)

    All I know is I can't wait for the Scimitar.
  13. Sylvester

    The War At Home

    Hey Lew! Great to see some stuff from you again. Look forward to it! As a sidenote - I'm a US Navy Lieutenant and an E-2 Hawkeye Weapons and Tactics Instructor, so if you have any questions on historical accuracy or anything else when it comes to the USN side of the house, I'd be happy to help...
  14. Sylvester

    Defiance's Eyecandy Thread

    I agree with your assessment of the color schemes, Defiance. I was always more partial to the Silver/Green tones that Confed ships had from the 2650s to mid 2660s. That's why I especially loved your Yorktown model in WC2 livery.
  15. Sylvester

    Is it possible that the confederation could have won the kilrathi war after the Battle of Earth without the Temblor Bomb or Behemoth

    Quarto, did that limit not exist in WC1? I seem to remember missions with more than 16 total ships - for example BiFrost with the Supply Depot had 18 total enemies, and then if you include you, your wingman, the escort Hornet by the Claw and the Claw itself, that would be 22 total ships...