1. Sylvester

    The return of MicroProse!

    Fellow Wingnuts, I know we were all saddened all those years ago when Origin left us. But I recently discovered some good news - one of the other giants of 80s/90s Software development seems to be back - MicroProse - who was founded by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey and who developed amongst other...
  2. Sylvester

    GOG Wing Commander 1 Character Transfer Made Easy

    Fellow Wingnuts! I've decided to give a small slice back to the CIC Tech Support world after benefiting from it so much over the last 12 (12!?) years. I've noticed people having some difficulty in transferring their WC1 characters between SM1 and or SM2. To that end, I have modified the autoexec...
  3. Sylvester

    Escapist Article on Star Citizen

    As many of you may be aware, the Escapist published an article in which several former and current CIG employees assert that Cloud Imperium is in deep trouble regarding Star Citizen's budget, workplace climate and feature development. I have read it, and Chris Roberts' response to those claims...
  4. Sylvester

    Chronicles of the Claw - Deluxe Edition

    Hello, fellow Wingnuts. So...almost nine years ago (15 July 2006), I started a fan fiction called "Chronicles of the Claw". Part of it is posted in the Fan Fiction Chat forum, but there hasn't been a post in there for over a year. I've recently revised and added a bit to the story, so I figured...
  5. Sylvester

    Last Starfighter Inspiration for Wing Commander

    I saw "The Last Starfighter" for the first time in a while recently and I started noticing some things that reminded me of Wing Commander. The Gunstars remind me of Raptors a bit, as did the launch tube sequence when they head out to fight. But the thing that most drew my eye was the insignia on...
  6. Sylvester

    Star Citizen Matchmaker thread

    Fellow Wingnuts, start your engines! With the release of version 0.9 of Arena Commander, we can now search for our friends to create specific matches. The feature is currently down while they iron out some bugs but this is a really cool way to help us wingnuts fly together, especially those who...
  7. Sylvester

    Wing Commander no longer on PCG's "Top 100 PC Games" List

    So I was reading this list put out by PC Gamer of their top 100 PC games of all time and I was at least a little shocked to discover that not one of the Wing Commander games was on it anymore. This is the first time I can recall that not one WC game made the list - if I remember right WCIII...
  8. Sylvester

    Concordia Hull # a homage to Enterprise?

    Hey all, I've wondered this for years but I've never actually asked anyone who could have the answer. Concordia's hull number is 65, which matches the hull number of USS Enterprise (CVN-65). Was this a homage to the carrier, perhaps signifying that Concordia was as important to the Wing...
  9. Sylvester

    RSI Raises $10 Million

    The pledge tally on the RSI site just passed the $10,000,000 mark about an hour ago. Its awesome to see new people are coming onboard to support the game. The higher I see the number rise, the more optimistic I become about what this game will be able to do.
  10. Sylvester

    Old Callsigns with a modern touch

    So I just started a new playthru of the Wing Commander games, as I am known to do from time to time. I just finished a fresh Mass Effect playthru - 1 thru 3 with the DLC. Sometimes I like to link my video game universes together if possible. So when I was presented with the option tonight of...
  11. Sylvester

    LucasArts is no more

    Well, my friends, it looks like we get to see the same sad story about the death of a storied game developer. Disney just announced that they have cancelled all of LucasArts' internal projects and laid off its entire staff. Apparently, any future games will just use the LucasArts name as a...
  12. Sylvester

    Kerbal Space Program

    Hey fellow Wingnuts. For all of you out there who ocassionally like to get their Newtonian physics groove on, I highly recommend this great indie game called Kerbal Space Program: https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/ You can design, build, and launch your own rockets. The rockets can carry...
  13. Sylvester

    A Real Wildcat...N

    It just occurred to me the other day that I am currently living the Strike Commander life. Now granted, I haven't flown mercenary missions in South America or dueled with MiGs over Egypt yet, but I do have one connection. My Student Naval Flight Officer training squadron is the US Navy's...
  14. Sylvester

    Wing Commander: Eagle Rising - A Game Idea

    With the recent release of Saga and the upcoming release of an SDK which incorporates some of the things they have developed, it got me to thinking about new campaigns that could be developed using that engine. To that end, I created a rough draft of a game idea that has floated around my head...
  15. Sylvester

    Aaron Allston

    I can't believe after all these years that I just made the connection that the Aaron Allston who is the writer of Claw Marks and the Aaron Allston who helped write the Star Wars: X-Wing series are the same guy. Yet another famous sci-fi author in the Wing Commander pantheon.
  16. Sylvester

    Richard Garriott's Horror Film.....in SPACE!

    So Lord British apparently created an eight minute long horror film with assistance from the astronauts and cosmonauts who were aboard the ISS when he did his space tourist flight. NASA originally wouldn't give him permission to release it but they seem to have changed their minds...
  17. Sylvester

    Another Concordia sinks...

    Well it looks like Concordia is a bad name for a ship. For the second time in as many years, a ship named Concordia has sunk. And unlike the last Concordia (sail rigged school ship), this one had slightly more tonnage...
  18. Sylvester

    New Computer, Old Tradition

    So I just built a new Windows 7 PC from scratch. It has a i5 quad core processor, 16 GB of RAM, a nVidia 550 card and 300 GB of hard drive space. Do you know what the first thing I did with this computer after I finished basic program installations was? That's right, I played Wing Commander 1.
  19. Sylvester

    Commissioned Naval Officer!

    Ladies and gentlemen of the CIC, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that today I graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Virginia Tech and was commissioned as an Ensign in the United States Navy. I will report to NAS Pensacola this winter to begin training as a Naval Aviator...
  20. Sylvester

    Accepted to Flight School!

    My friends, it gives me great pleasure to inform you that I've been accepted for flight training by the United States Navy and will report to flight school sometime this spring. I give Wing Commander a lot of credit with developing my urge to fly, and I thank all of you guys for being the best...