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Ever on the search for a new way to listen to Wing Commander, LOAF has found yet another album with a Wing Commander track! Back in 2017 we were pleasantly surprised to see the Overture from the Wing Commander Movie performed by the Massed Bands of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines. It was possible to buy a video of that concert at the time, but apparently the track was also released on the Beating Retreat 2018 compilation! You can give it a listen below - it's an absolutely wonderful feast for the ears. It's also available on services like Amazon Music or iHeart Radio, and you can even pick up a hard copy here. Learn about a couple dozen other ways to pick up Wing Commander on CD here.

Fellow obsessive collectors of CDs with Wing Commander music on them: I have discovered this one which includes the Royal Marines playing the movie overture.

Original update published on September 24, 2020