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Potential Roundel for the wildcat


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Finally getting around to posting the Maniac entry for the Tarawa models!

'First to Kilrah'

Even a dinky Escort Carrier can be a big place when you don't know your way around. One minute I was with the tour group, bored out of my skull, the next I was turning down corridor after deserted corridor, hopelessly lost. I was worrying about the serious possibility of missing lunch when I turned a corner and nearly plowed straight into her.


I remember freckles upon freckles and green eyes and... tall! Curves and oh my goodness- She looked down her exquisite nose at me.

"GUH!" I managed.

I was assessed and found wanting.


She seemed annoyed. Heartbreakingly gorgeous and annoyed.

"Yeah..." I managed.

She pointed with her perfect chin.

I turned around. Sure enough, there was a corridor map right there, I could have found my way easily if only I had seen it. Embarassed, I felt my ears getting hot. I took a deep breath, gathered up my testicles and turned around wearing my best 'Charming Maniac' smile.

"Hey, thanks..."

She wasn't there.

And I don't mean that she had given me the slip, I looked around for her, but there wasn't anywhere to look. All the local doors were sealed against hard vacuum. The only way out of that corridor without wearing a pressure suit (she wasn't) was back aft, around the corner I had just come from.

She was just GONE.

Every hair on the back of my neck stood up. I finally realized where I was.

The ruined bow of the ship.

I smelled burned wiring. Felt the deckplates heaving, the hurricane of atmosphere vented into space.

I tasted vacuum.

I got off TCS Tarawa as fast as I could.


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Working out a design for the Wake Class Escort Carrier. Scaling the WC3 Transport to about 300 meters gives a pretty good baseline, I think, with plenty of room for her air wing, given specialized containers. This is just a rough job but you see what I'm getting at.


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The first [Landing Craft] came in BACKWARDS, punching down hard skidding haphazardly towards the safety barrier and my lines of precious spacecraft. It was still moving as the ramp came down and HE came out. Merritt locked eyes with me and was tucked underneath my chin in a heartbeat, grabbing my vest and pulling me down so he could shout into my ear.



Holy hell. I have never moved so fast in my life to get things respotted. I don't know how we did it so fast, but we got all the LC's aboard with about five centimeters to spare. By the time we were done, The Marines were already setting up camp underneath the wings of the fighters. The hangar deck smelled like a barbecue.

At some point, someone had called 'Skee down to the launch bay. Not knowing what to do, we all stood by and waited for the fireworks.

-Lyford Beverage, 'Airedale' aboard TCS Tarawa.

Ship scales out to about 466 meters, compare to the (my) 640 meter Tiger's Claw.


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Also, thanks for the kind words guys! I really appreciate being able to share my crippling anti-social creative tendencies with you all! :)


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With 'Sabredance', the artist has simultaneously failed to capture the emotion of the questionable 'victory' at Vukar Tag, and, most dourly, spurned a multitude of hackneyed 8-bit impersonators, each more terrible than the last. The emergance of 'veteran art' is a regrettable corollary to disarmament, and a continued reminder of the barbarism of our recent past. The 'talent' of this artist is best left in the cockpit, or better yet, consigned to the trash heap of history.

-Z. Indebyev, Warsaw Quad-Solar Art Critique, 2668.25 (Last issue)


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Hehehe. Klavs, your work wouldn't be even half the fun without the little bits of fiction you come up with :). In all seriousness, I find the picture a little boring and static (no sense of movement), but the commentary that goes with it sold me.
Note the differences between the Armada Version and the WC3 version. Finally explained that 2 meter length discrepancy!

Used the absolutely gorgeous Saga version as a reference, and did my best to rebuild her and make her my own. I hope I didn't ugly her up too much for you!


This is stunning. How did you manage to get them this perfect? I for example am always thinking the Broadswords in Privateer are different from the rest. However, the graphics ingame are so blurred I never can make out why exactly. Or do I use wrong settings?


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I never pop by these forums enough, and its been ages since I first stumbled on the Fralthi you did... after goin over all 8 pages all I can say is


moar Kilrathi ships please? :D
I don't know if this helps but this is what I documented on the CVE.

Gilgamesh class engine system 100KPS cruise and 247KPS Max (wish scoops full open.) FA p.78-79
Heavy quad-barreled neutron gun mounted on bow (forward defense). Two medium caliber mass driver cannons on either side of the approach deck. Two more beam weapons and several launch racks for missiles along the bottom. ER p.68 (single tube launch array ER p.77) Particle cannons firing port. ER p.76
Bridge was located near the topside of the ship just forward of the jump drives. ER p.75
Single landing and launch deck. ER p.68
42 craft ER p.90 One squadron each of Rapiers F-54C, Sabers F-57B (two person), ER p.69 and Ferrets ER p.71 Barley thirty meters of maneuver room inside the hanger. (can't fit Broadswords. ER p.69)
500 personal FA p.94 283 died & only 14 flight crew survived. (During End Run) FA p.309,310
Because the CVE's barley have thirty meters of room to maneuver inside the hanger Broadswords can't fit. ER p.69 So Confed engineers designed the Sabers F-57B

Class: Escort Carrier (CVE)
Length: 312-503 ?
Mass: 10,000-19,000 metric tons?
Max Velocity: 247KPS ER p.78-79
Cruise Velocity: 100KPS ER p.78
Acceleration: Gilgamesh class engine system
Max Y/P/R 2/2/2 ?
Guns: 1 Heavy quad-barreled neutron gun mounted on bow (forward defense).
2 Medium caliber mass driver cannons on either side of the approach deck.
2 Two more beam weapons along the bottom ER p.68
Long range laser cannons ER p.189)
Neutron turret along the bottom. ER p. 290
3? several launch racks for missiles along the bottom
Anti torpedo missile mount on the bottom ER p.250 (forward facing)
2 Particle cannons firing port.
? Stern anti torpedo guns (mass driven shots) ER p.250
Front Shield: Phase Shields
Rear Shield: Phase Shields
Front Armor: 250-300?
Rear Armor: 250-300?
Right/Left Armor: 200-250?
Fighter Complement: 42 craft
Jump Capable: Yes
Crew size: 500 personal

All armaments aboard Tarawa are stored in blast-proof lockers beneath the flight deck. ER p.167
Bridge was located near the topside of the ship just forward of the jump drives. ER p.75
Later modification after Strike Force Valkyrie take out a kilrathi minor orbital base six mass driver mini guns were welded to the ship just forward of the landing air lock for point defense.
Fire retardant nozzles in the bay ceiling p.92
Hooks in the ceiling. p.167